How it works

Create your account, get a company phone number and start managing your customer calls in minutes. Discover the new business phone system for e-commerce, startups and small businesses.

Pick a phone number for your business

Choose a local or toll free number and use it instantly to answer customer calls. Already have a company phone number that you want to keep? No problem, we will port it for you.


Sound professional, in minute

Adapt your call routing settings to your open business hours

Use our Online Studio to easily create quality recordings in up to 16 languages, and customize your company welcome message whenever you need to!

Add a Press #1... Press #2... menu to better manage your company calls and improve your customer service

Distribute incoming calls to the right person on your team with smart, advanced routing optons.

Create amazing greetings with
our Online Studio

Type the text of your greeting and choose a background music to instantly create amazing custom greetings to welcome your customers.
16 languages and 100 background musics available.

Handle unlimited calls, anywhere

Benefit from unlimited inbound and outbound calling from your mobile or desktop. Use your company number to make calls from any device at no additional fee.

Unlimited calls to 35 destinations

The plan includes unlimited calling to 35 destinations:
The US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zeland, japan, China, Singapour, Great Britain, Germany, France, and many more...

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Track Your Call Activity

Effectively monitor your call activity with advanced call center features like call recording and call statistics.

Connect Your E-Commerce Platform

Coming Soon

If you use an e-commerce platform, integrate it with Quicktalk in 1 click and get real-time customer data for every incoming call

Connect Your Slack

Coming Soon

If you use Slack, connect it to Quicktalk in 1 click and get real-time notifications for your incoming calls on any channel you like.