Call History

Find the detailed history of all your team's calls from the mobile application or the desktop version.


View all of your team's calls

From any device, view your missed calls, unreterned calls and voicemail messages from your support.

Simply browse through your history

With the call log filters, you can filter the history according to the nature of the call, the timeframe, by keywords, etc.

Call History FAQ

Can we add notes to the call logs?

Yes, all team members can add notes on each call log from mobile or desktop to improve communication on call management.

What information can be found in a call log?

On a call log, find the time and duration of the call, whether the call was answered or missed, which voice menu option was chosen, who answered the call and the recording of the call.

Can I check my team's calls from my cell phone?

Yes, find all your call logs on the mobile application with advanced filters, log details and call records.