Voice Menu

Manage your customer calls easily with the Quicktalk virtual menu.


Create a professional phone support system

With the voice menu 'Type #1 ..., Type #2 ...', successfully redirect your customers to your team members according to the reason for their call.

Customize your switchboard as much as you want.

Without installation and technical knowledge, configure your switchboard in a few clicks with many options (hours of operation, greeting message, music on hold, voice menu, redirections and voice announcements).

Voice Menu FAQ

How do you set up a switchboard?

Creating a menu has never been easier with Quicktalk. Choose a phone number or keep your existing number, create an online account, set up a greeting and enter your business hours, then set up your voice menu 'Type #1 ..., Type #2 ...,' with call forwarding to your team members for each number. Finish by setting up your out-of-office and voicemail messages and you're done. You can start managing your customer calls with Quicktalk.

What are the different types of call forwarding are possible?

Depending on your organization, you can define the redirections of your switchboard with a random cascade distribution, cascade by defined order or simultaneously.

Can I define call groups to manage my switchboard?

Yes, using the voice menu, add options 'Type #1 for customer service, #2 for sales' for example, and for each option, add the members of your team that correspond to the caller's choice and choose the call distribution mode.