Manage working hours

Decide how calls are answered during working hours and ensure customers can leave messages on a dedicated business voicemail out-of-hours.


During work hours

Forward calls from the number to your mobile or computer and make unlimited calls to your customers.

A simple interface

Create a branded voice greeting, automated menus and hold music for customer calls.


Route all calls to a dedicated business voicemail and enjoy a better work life balance.

Opening Hours FAQ

How do I manage the hours of operation of my switchboard?

With Quicktalk, it's very simple, you can create the schedules of your switchboard in a few clicks. During your hours of operation set up your voice menu with call forwarding to your team members, during your hours of closure, create a voice message to invite the caller to leave a message or call back during business hours.

How to set up a telephone on-call service?

With Quicktalk, you can create 2 scenarios of opening hours. Use the second opening time slot to set up a telephone on-call with specific redirections.

How do I change my switchboard hours?

You can change your switchboard schedules at any time by logging into the Quicktalk dashboard and adjusting them as needed.