Call Distribution

Choose your redirection modes according to your organization and optimize your telephone support so that no call is missed.


Choose the distribution method that is best for you

Random cascade, predefined order, simultaneous distribution... Automatically route your incoming calls according to your organization with the choice of the various modes of distribution

Don't miss any more calls

Calls will be redirected in overflow on the mobile phones of the users affected by the call, depending on the availability of your team.

Call Distribution FAQ

What happens if all my team members are online?

If you receive a call while your team members are on the line, the caller will be put on hold until someone is available to handle the call

How do I know if my switchboard is effective?

From your call log, consult your call statistics and observe the origin of your number of missed calls on the different services and redirections. Adapt your switchboard accordingly in a few clicks.

Can I view the activity on my switchboard in real time?

View your team's live calls and switchboard queue from the Quicktalk interface to identify inefficiencies and improve customer service.