A Simple, All-In-One Pricing Plan


Per month - Per Company

  • Unlimited calling in 36 countries
  • Custom greetings, call routing,phone menu 'Press #1..., Press #2...'
  • Connect your e-commerce in 1-click

What is included for £19/month?

Phone Numbers & Users

1 business phone number
1 local or toll free phone number in 14 countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States, and many more...
Number of users
3 users included


Unlimited Calls from Desktop
Make and receive unlimited calls to and from 35 destinations directly from your desktop or laptop browser
Unlimited Call Forwarding to Any Mobile Phone
Never miss a call with call forwarding to your personal cell phone. Manage your business calls from your own device.
Unlimited Outbound Calls from Mobile
Use your cell phone to make unlimited calls to 35 destinations at no extra cost with your Quicktalk phone number
Call Transfer
Transfer live calls to other users in 1-click

Sound Professional

Opening Hours
Route calls and adapt your phone system to your open business hours
Custom Greetings
Use the online studio to create beautiful custom greetings in up to 15 different languages, with on hold music.
Add a phone menu (Press 1... Press 2... options) to redirect calls to the caller's choice
Call Distribution
Distribute your incoming calls to the right team member with simple or advanced call routing rules

Monitor Your Call Activity

Real-Time Monitoring
View all ongoing calls from your dashboard in real time
Live Call Listening
Listen in on your team’s calls in real time (users with manager rights only)
Call Recording
Activate call recording to keep a trace of all your business calls. Listen to your team's call recordings to improve your customer service


Integrate Slack in one click to get Slack notifications in any specific channel for all your incoming calls
coming Soon
CRM and E-Commerce Platforms
Connect your business tool seamlessly to Quicktalk and benefit from exclusive features like automatic call logs, contact data displaying at every incoming call and more. See all integrations.
coming Soon


Additional users

Easily add new users online at any time

£10/month per user
Additional phone numbers

Get new numbers in one click at any time

£5/month per number