Quicktalk is part Ringover Group, a world-class telecommunication prodiver serving over 10,000+ clients worldwide. We benefit from international coverage and direct connection to major telecommunication providers such as Verizon, Colt, Orange etc.

Reliable Uptime of 99.95%
Fully Encrytped
Global Presence

Quicktalk infrastructure holds top-level certification to ensure your data is secured, encrypted, and follows the new industry standards and best practices. Quicktalk complies with Privacy Shield.

We work with leading global communication carriers and local providers to reduce latency and increase voice quality for crystal-clear communication. We manage over +250 million minutes of calls every year.

Transparency and Trust: The Core of Our Culture

Across the globe, our dedicated telecommunication infrastructure is secured on 12 data centers based in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, London, Paris, Madrid, Sydney and Singapore.