Call From Your Computer

Manage all your calls from with a simple internet connection. Your team members can make unlimited simultaneous calls from their browser.


Answer calls from your computer

Manage all your calls from your browser with WebRTC (VoIP telephony) technology. Access all Quicktalk calling features with a simple internet connection.

Unlimited Calling

Make unlimited simultaneous VoIP calls from your desktop with your company number to 36 destinations.

Computer Call FAQ

Can you make simultaneous calls?

Yes, with Quicktalk, your team members can make simultaneous calls without limits.

How is the call quality from my computer?

With a good internet connection, Quicktalk gives you ultra HD VoIP call quality with no dropped calls or crackling.

What equipment do I need to make a VoIP call?

You don't need any hardware to make a call from your computer, a simple internet connection allows you to call without limits. For more comfort, you can use wireless headphones or a headset with a built-in microphone.