Manage hours of operation

Set your hours of operation based on your team's availability.


Adapt your guidelines to the needs of your company.

With the schedule management, you can set and modify the opening, on-call and closing hours of your telephone support in one click.

Never let a call go unanswered

During your opening hours or on-call hours, create a voice menu with forwarding to your team members. During your off-hours, play a voice message to invite the caller to call back during business hours or leave a message.

Opening Hours FAQ

How do I manage the hours of operation of my switchboard?

With Quicktalk, it's very simple, you can create the schedules of your switchboard in a few clicks. During your hours of operation set up your voice menu with call forwarding to your team members, during your hours of closure, create a voice message to invite the caller to leave a message or call back during business hours.

How to set up a telephone on-call service?

With Quicktalk, you can create 2 scenarios of opening hours. Use the second opening time slot to set up a telephone on-call with specific redirections.

How do I change my switchboard hours?

You can change your switchboard schedules at any time by logging into the Quicktalk dashboard and adjusting them as needed.