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Area Code 844: How Can Toll-Free Numbers Help Your Business

August 21, 2023
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To make themselves even more accessible, many companies are choosing to get 844 toll-free VoIP numbers rather than standard landline connections. You've seen it in print ads and heard it on jingles “Call 1-844-XXX-XXXX now!” It might be just three digits but getting a toll-free number can have a huge impact on your business communication.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the myriad benefits of Area Code 844, showcasing real-life success stories that highlight the transformative impact of toll-free numbers.

Table Of Content
  • 844 Toll-Free Numbers explained in 9 questions
  • 6 Reasons Your Business Needs An 844 Toll-Free Number
  • Getting An 844 Toll-Free Number For Your Business
  • How To Choose A Toll-Free Voip Service Provider?
  • 5 Reasons Why Quicktalk Is Your Ideal Partner
  • Conclusion

844 Toll-Free Numbers explained in 9 questions

At first glance, a toll-free number may look similar to all other landline numbers. Before we dive into the ways it can help your business, let's understand what toll-free numbers really are and how you can get one for your business.

1. What Are Toll-Free Numbers?

Toll-free numbers are typically linked to businesses. These connections are such that callers are not charged the regular calling rate when they dial these numbers. Whether you're calling from Florida or New York, calling a toll-free number in the USA is free.

Toll-free numbers can be identified by the three-digit combinations in the area code. There are 9 such combinations currently in use:

  • 844
  • 888
  • 800
  • 850
  • 488
  • 833
  • 855
  • 866
  • 877

2. What Are 844 Toll-Free Numbers?

844 toll free numbers format

844 toll-free numbers were created by the North America Numbering Plan (NANP). These toll-free numbers work in the same way as other toll-free numbers. Like other toll-free numbers, they are valid throughout the country.

3. Why Are 844 Toll-Free Numbers Preceded By '1'?

Toll-free numbers are often written as 1-844-XXX-XXXX. This is because toll-free numbers are typically formatted with the country code, area code and business number.

In the case of toll-free numbers based in the USA, 1 reflects the country code. 844 is the Numbering Plan Area (NPA) combination that categorizes these numbers as toll-free numbers. The 7-digit telephone number following the area code is unique to every connection with an 844 area code.

4. What Part Of The USA Is An 844 Toll-Free Number Valid In?

844 toll-free numbers are valid throughout the USA. They are not tied to any particular city or region. In fact, these numbers may be valid for certain parts of Canada as well.

5. Should You Answer Calls From Numbers Starting With 844?

Numbers with 844 as the area code are safe to answer and call back. These are toll-free numbers generally linked to business accounts. They may be used for customer service as well as cold calling and promotional campaigns.

6. What Are Vanity Numbers?

When you look at a phone's dial pad, each digit has a few alphabets associated with it. Thus, every number can spell out a word- it may or may not be intelligible.

Vanity numbers are those numbers where the 7-digit landline number spells out a word that is associated with the company name or service.

For example, 844- 356-9377 spells out 844-FLOWERS. A florist could use this as a vanity number.

7. How Are Toll-Free Numbers Different From Vanity Numbers?

Vanity numbers are usually toll-free which means that callers are not charged for calls to these numbers.

The only difference between regular toll-free numbers and vanity numbers is that the 7-digit combination following the toll-free code may not spell out a proper word in case of the former. The digits are chosen at random.

However, in the case of vanity numbers, these digits are picked and arranged such that they form a word linked to the company's service.

8. What are common misconceptions about toll-free numbers

Here are some common misconceptions about toll-free numbers:

  • Exclusivity for Large Businesses: One prevalent misconception is that toll-free numbers are reserved for big corporations. In reality, toll-free numbers are accessible to businesses of all sizes, offering equal opportunities to enhance communication.
  • Costly Services: Contrary to the belief that toll-free numbers come with hefty charges, they are designed to be cost-effective. Many service providers offer affordable plans tailored to various business needs.
  • Limited Geographic Reach: Some may think that toll-free numbers are restricted to a specific region. However, toll-free numbers transcend geographical boundaries, enabling businesses to connect with customers nationwide and even globally.
  • Obsolete Technology: With the rise of digital communication, some assume toll-free numbers to be outdated. On the contrary, toll-free numbers have evolved with technology, offering advanced features like call analytics, call routing, and integration with digital platforms.
  • Complex Setup: It's a misconception that setting up a toll-free number is a complex and time-consuming process. With modern business phone systems, acquiring and configuring a toll-free number is relatively straightforward, often requiring just a few steps.
  • Irrelevant for Small Businesses: Another misconception is that toll-free numbers are unnecessary for small businesses. However, they can significantly impact a small business's credibility, customer trust, and accessibility.
  • Lack of Customization: Some believe that toll-free numbers lack customization options. In reality, businesses can choose memorable vanity numbers, customize greetings, and tailor call routing to suit their unique needs.
  • Limited Benefits: Some may underestimate the benefits of toll-free numbers, viewing them solely as a means of communication. In truth, toll-free numbers offer marketing advantages, improved customer service, and brand recognition.

9. Toll-free numbers vs local numbers: which is right for your business?

The choice between a local number and a toll-free number depends on your business's specific goals and needs. Both options have their advantages and are suitable for different scenarios:

Local Number:

  • Community Connection: A local number creates a sense of community and familiarity with customers in your area. It can be beneficial for businesses targeting a specific local customer base.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Local numbers are often more affordable than toll-free numbers and can be a budget-friendly option for small businesses.
  • Local Presence: If your business primarily serves a local audience and wants to emphasize its local presence, a local number can be more relevant.

Toll-Free Number:

  • Professional Image: Toll-free numbers enhance your business's professional image, portraying a larger and more established presence regardless of your physical location.
  • Accessibility: Toll-free numbers eliminate barriers for customers to contact you, making it a preferred choice for businesses that want to encourage communication from a wider audience.
  • National or Global Reach: If your business operates on a national or international level, a toll-free number is more suitable for reaching customers from various locations.
  • Branding: Toll-free numbers can be customized with vanity numbers, which are memorable and align with your brand, enhancing brand recognition.

In essence, the decision depends on your target audience, business scale, and objectives. Some businesses might even choose to have both a local and a toll-free number to cater to different customer segments.

6 Reasons Your Business Needs An 844 Toll-Free Number

By getting a toll-free number, you stand to gain many benefits. We have listed 6 of them below. In short, the toll-free number helps you:

Distinguish Between Personal And Work Calls

Getting a toll-free number from a VoIP service provider reduces the need to share your personal mobile number with customers while still staying accessible. Calls to this number can be answered on your mobile phone as well as laptop/desktop browser. Thus, even when you're out of the office, you can answer work calls on your mobile without having it interfere with your personal call log.

Help With Marketing

For a marketing campaign to be effective, it must have a bold call to action. To get new customers, you need to give them a number where they can reach you. When you add a toll-free number to your marketing campaigns, your customers know they won't be charged for calling you and hence are more likely to take action on your ads. Thus, it makes your marketing campaigns more effective.

Strengthen Your Brand Image

Anyone can get a landline connection but toll-free numbers are limited to businesses. These numbers are also valid throughout the country instead of being limited to a particular region. Thus, if you have branches or remote teams, a toll-free number creates a unified brand image. It makes the brand appear more trustworthy and credible.

Make The Brand More Accessible

Toll-free numbers are valid throughout the country. Hence, businesses do not need to have multiple numbers for their offices. It's easier for customers to recall one number and hence, toll-free numbers make your brand more accessible.

Increase Call-Backs

Customers are not charged for calls made to toll-free numbers. They are less likely to think twice before calling a company number. Thus, getting a toll-free number increases your call-back rate.

When you get a toll-free number from a VoIP service provider, you not only get a way for customers to reach you but also access to a wealth of data. VoIP service providers collect data such as average call duration, number of call-backs, etc. Analyzing this data can help evaluate the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and find opportunities for improvement.

Getting An 844 Toll-Free Number For Your Business

You can get an 844 toll-free number easily from a VoIP service provider like Quicktalk. A VoIP connection keeps you connected to customers irrespective of whether you're in the office or at a client site. The process of getting a toll-free number can be completed online in just a few minutes. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Visit the Quicktalk website and register your business. The registration form is simple and all you need to do is enter some basic information about your business.

Step 2: If your company is based in the USA, select the USA from the list of countries provided.

Step 3: Browse through the available toll-free numbers and pick one that you would like for your business.

Step 4: Complete the payment formalities and get started!

How To Choose A Toll-Free Voip Service Provider?

There are many VoIP service providers that offer toll-free numbers. However, they do not all have the same features. Some features are must-haves while others are optional. Here are a few features a VoIP service provider must have before you sign up with them:

Call Recording

Your VoIP service provider must allow you to record incoming and outgoing calls to your toll-free number. This has many benefits. You can playback recorded calls to train company representatives. You can listen to them for quality assessment. And, you can also use call recordings as evidence to clear disputes.

IVR And Call Routing

Customers may call toll-free numbers for a variety of reasons. They may want to book a consultation, get clarification about a payment, raise a concern, etc. hence, calls need to be routed to different departments. The best way to do this is with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu.

Your VoIP service provider must offer a customized IVR and call routing based on caller inputs.

Customized Greetings

The way a caller is greeted determines the first impression they have of your business. Ensure that your VoIP service provider allows you to customize the welcome message. This helps you set a consistent message for business and after-work hours.

In addition to customizing the content of your message, look into the possibility of customizing your message in different languages.

Call Forwarding

Letting a call go unanswered could mean missed opportunities for your business. It costs you the customer's loyalty and harms your business reputation.

Look for a service provider that has a call forwarding option. This means that when a call isn't answered at the first extension or if the extension line is busy, the call is forwarded to the next available line.

Call forwarding also includes forwarding calls that aren't answered at your desktop to be forwarded to your mobile phone. This feature minimizes the number of unanswered calls you need to deal with.

Live Call Monitoring

Along with the option to playback recorded calls for quality assessment, you should also be able to listen to live conversations. Your VoIP service provider should permit your managers and supervisors to listen to calls and if need be, speak privately to the company agent without the customer getting to know that there's a third person in the call.

Live call monitoring also includes giving your managers the ability to join a conversation and be part of a group call.

5 Reasons Why Quicktalk Is Your Ideal Partner

Quicktalk is a reliable VoIP service provider for toll-free numbers. It offers all the features you may need to stay accessible to customers and increase customer satisfaction levels. The top 5 reasons Quicktalk is your ideal partner for communication are:

All-Inclusive Plan

Quicktalk makes it easy to choose a plan. Rather than offer multiple plans with odd combinations of features, Quicktalk offers a single all-inclusive plan. For just $19 per month, you can set up three users of your business with Quicktalk services. You can add new users or new phone numbers as your company grows.

Unlimited Calls

With Quicktalk, you don't have to worry about calculating the cost of each call. Quicktalk offers unlimited calls to destinations in 36 countries at no extra cost. You can make and receive calls from multiple devices including your mobile phone, desktop and laptop browser.

Easy Call Monitoring

Quicktalk gives you three different ways to monitor calls. You can view all ongoing calls on a dashboard, have managers listen to incoming and outgoing calls and record calls. This helps keep track of the quality of service being offered and identify opportunities for improvement.

Easy Integration

Quicktalk can be easily integrated with internal business platforms like Slack, your CRM, as well as e-Commerce platforms. Slack notifications for all incoming calls makes sure you don't miss out on anything. Further, the e-Commerce integration makes your company even more accessible to customers.

Professional Call Distribution

In a bid to give customers a reliable, consistent experience, Quicktalk allows you to customize greetings according to store hours in up to 14 different languages. You can also customize the hold music. Quicktalk also gives you access to an auto-attendant to distribute calls to the right department/person.


An 844 toll-free number is a great asset for your business. This toll-free number is valid throughout the country and customers can call you without being billed for it. This builds a credible image for your brand and makes you more accessible to your audience.

Getting started with a Quicktalk toll-free number is easy. You can complete the steps online and have a toll-free number that's ready to use in minutes. So, are you ready to get an 844 toll-free number for your business?