Make Business Calls From Your Cell Phone

Manage your business calls from anywhere with your smartphone using the Quicktalk mobile app


Receive business calls on your cell phone

With call forwarding to your cell phone, calls are automatically redirected to your cell phone when you are not connected to the desktop version.

Make unlimited calls from your cell phone

Make unlimited calls to your customers with your cell phone. All outgoing calls are made with your company number, so your personal number is protected.

Mobile Call FAQ

Can my team make simultaneous calls with the professional number?

With the Quicktalk phone app, your team members can initiate calls simultaneously with their cell phones by switching to the company number whenever they want.

How is Quicktalk's call quality from a cell phone?

Thanks to our Double Dial technology, Quicktalk calls from your smartphone use your mobile network rather than an internet connection so calls are top quality. With Quicktalk, you avoid VoIP problems related to the lack of internet coverage when you are on the move.

How do I download the Quicktalk application?

The Quicktalk phone application can be downloaded free of charge from any app store.