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Area Code 855: All You Need To Know About Toll-Free-Numbers

August 23, 2023
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You just received a call from a 855 number, or maybe you're a business looking to acquire a 855 number for your company... In both, there are a lotta questions around 855 toll-free numbers. Do they look suspicious? Are toll-free numbers exclusively for big corporations? 

These are just a few of the misconceptions that shroud the world of toll-free numbers. In our exploration of Area Code 855, we're here to debunk these myths and reveal the truth behind these versatile communication tools. 

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, understanding the real benefits and possibilities of toll-free numbers will redefine the way you connect with your customers. Let's unravel the truth and empower your business with the knowledge it deserves.

Table Of Content
  • Toll-Free Numbers explained in 15 questions
  • What Are The Benefits Of Toll-free Numbers For A Business?
  • How To Get A Toll-Free Number Easy And Quick
  • Features to Look for in a Toll-Free Number Solution
  • Why Choose Quicktalk?

Toll-Free Numbers explained in 15 questions

Does the call from toll-free numbers look suspicious? What is the difference between a toll-free and vanity number? What city or country does the toll-free number 855 serve?

You probably have a lot of questions before selecting a toll-free number. Find below answers to all the frequently asked questions about toll-free numbers and area codes 855, 88, 877 and more.

1. What is a toll-free number?

Toll-free phone numbers (the ones with 800, 855, 877 extensions) are numbers users can call without getting charged. The toll-free numbers normally come with area code prefixes such as 800, 855, 888, etc.

The following list of area codes all refer to toll-free numbers:

  • 850 area code
  • 800 area code
  • 488 area code
  • 833 area code
  • 844 area code

2. What is a 1-855 number?

1-855 is a toll-free number extension used in the US, it means they are business phone numbers that anybody can call without being charged extra communication fees.

The area code 855 serves the North American region. However, when dialed with the US country code +1 the call will be received by a company in the United States.

3. Does the number 855 look suspicious?

It depends. Many people view 855 phone numbers as business phone numbers or something more professional than a local number. However, sometimes businesses do call too often on these phone numbers, so some people have labeled them with a reputation of spam.

4. Should I rather have a local or toll free number for my business?

Deciding on whether a local or toll free number is ideal for your business depends on the image you want to create and the type of customer being targeted.

Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of having a toll-free number versus a local number:

Toll-Free Number Pros:

Professional Image: Toll-free numbers project a reputable and established business image, instilling trust in customers.

Nationwide Reach: Appeal to customers from all over the country, enhancing your business's accessibility.

Customer-Focused: Removing the cost barrier encourages customers to reach out, improving communication and loyalty.

Branding: Customize the last seven digits for a memorable number that aligns with your brand identity.

Customer Analytics: Track incoming calls, measure marketing effectiveness, and gain insights into customer preferences.

Toll-Free Number Cons:

Cost: While callers don't pay, the business typically bears the cost of incoming calls.

Availability: Not always available for immediate purchase due to limited availability of certain prefixes.

Local Number Pros:

Localized Appeal: Connect with the local community, building a sense of familiarity and trust.

Cost-Efficient: Typically lower cost for the business compared to toll-free numbers.

Regional Presence: Clearly indicate your location, which can be advantageous for local businesses.

Local Number Cons:

Limited Reach: Appeals primarily to customers within a specific geographic area.

Perceived Size: May not project the same level of professionalism as a toll-free number.

Potential Relocation: Changing your physical location might necessitate changing your local number.

When deciding between a toll-free number and a local number, consider your business's goals, target audience, and branding strategy. Each option comes with its benefits and trade-offs, so choose the one that aligns best with your business objectives.

5. Can I block my caller ID when calling a toll free number?

It is possible to block your caller ID, i.e., not have your phone number displayed when calling toll free numbers. To do this, the toll free number must be preceded by *67. For example, if the number is 1800 1234 5678, you will need to dial *67 1800 1234 5678.

6. What are the main benefits of getting toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are a great way to attract more customers bringing your business legitimacy and a national or international outlook. You can expect more callbacks because they are not charged and are also easy to remember.

7. Which countries use the area code 855?

855 is a toll-free area code used in the North American region including in the USA and Canada. The number is set up by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) as per the NANP or North America Numbering Plan.

8. Why does the toll-free number extension 855 work in the US and Canada?

Countries that are part of the North American Numbering Plan or NANP including the USA and Canada can use the below listed toll-free extensions:

  • 800
  • 833
  • 844
  • 855
  • 866
  • 877
  • 888

9. What is a vanity phone number?

A toll-free number can be turned into a vanity number to help people memorize it. A vanity number comprises digits and letters that help customers remember a business name easily. For instance, an advertising company can use 855-ADS or something similar. They are custom-made and toll-free.

10. Whats the difference between a toll-free number and a vanity number?

Both of these numbers are toll-free. The only difference is that vanity numbers are custom-made and come with digits and words that remind the customers of your business vertical.

11. Is there any difference between 800, 855, 877, and other area codes?

Not at all. They are all toll-free extensions mostly used in the USA and Canada. However, when dialing different extensions, you may get connected to different businesses or persons.

12. What companies use toll-free numbers?

Any company irrespective of its size and industry can use toll-free numbers. They help build a nation-wide presence and make the company appear more established. Some of the different types of companies that can benefit from toll-free numbers are eCommerce retailers, tech service providers, financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

13. What are famous toll-free numbers?

The most famous toll-free numbers are those used in advertisements where the numbers are chosen in a way to spell out the services offered. These are also known as vanity numbers. For example, 1(800) WALGREENS, 1(800) COLLECT, 1(800) FLOWERS, 1(800) TAXI USA and so on.

14. Common misconceptions about toll-free numbers

  • Cost to Call: One misconception is that toll-free numbers are entirely free for callers. While callers don't incur long-distance charges, mobile users might still use airtime minutes, depending on their phone plan.
  • Availability: Some assume that toll-free numbers are always available for instant purchase. However, due to high demand and limited prefixes, specific combinations might be unavailable.
  • High Costs for Businesses: Many believe that having a toll-free number is expensive for businesses. While there are costs involved, they have become more affordable with the advent of VoIP technology.
  • Limited Usage: Some think that toll-free numbers are only suitable for large corporations or call centers. In reality, businesses of all sizes can benefit from toll-free numbers to enhance communication and customer trust.
  • Geographical Limitations: A misconception is that toll-free numbers are restricted to national reach only. Toll-free numbers can indeed reach customers outside the country, making them valuable for businesses targeting an international audience.
  • Complex Setup: Another misconception is that setting up toll-free numbers is complicated and time-consuming. With modern business phone systems, the setup process has become user-friendly and streamlined.
  • Exclusively for Customer Service: While toll-free numbers are commonly used for customer service, they offer benefits beyond that, such as branding, marketing campaigns, and improving overall accessibility.
  • Large Overhead: Some believe that toll-free numbers contribute significantly to a business's overhead. However, the costs associated with toll-free numbers have become more manageable, especially with the rise of cloud-based communication solutions.
  • Outdated Technology: There's a misconception that toll-free numbers are a relic of the past. In reality, they have evolved with technology, integrating seamlessly with modern communication tools and services.
  • Lack of Customization: Some assume that toll-free numbers lack customization options. In fact, you can customize the last seven digits of your toll-free number to align with your brand and make it more memorable.

Understanding these misconceptions can help businesses make informed decisions about integrating toll-free numbers into their communication strategies.

15. What is a country code?

A country code is a number that helps people identify calls from a particular country. For instance, +1 is the country code of the USA, +33 is for France, and +855 is for Colombia. It is dialed before the local number.

What Are The Benefits Of Toll-free Numbers For A Business?

Having a toll-free number for your business comes with a lot of advantages. With a toll-free number you can:

  • Separate personal and professional lives
  • Attract more customers
  • Promote credibility
  • Get more callbacks
  • Make your business number memorable
  • Take advantage of the cloud

Lets dig deeper and find out more about the advantages you stand to gain when you buy a toll-free number for your business.

Separate Personal And Professional Lives

Getting a toll-free number for your business is the best way to separate your personal and professional lives. When a call comes to your toll-free number, you can be sure that it is a business call.

You can even set up the phone system in such a way that your teammates can pick the calls and help your customers resolve their issues quickly.

Attract More Customers

Toll-free numbers can work as an effective marketing tool. You can promote these numbers on OTH and digital platforms to create brand awareness.

These numbers are a great way to establish a nationwide presence without having to open offices in every city or even in another county. Since your number is not just tied to a small geographic region, customers across a country feel that you are ready to serve them.

For instance, customers across North America including the ones in the USA and Canada feel confident about calling a number starting from 855.

Promote Credibility

Having a local business number helps if you are not planning to expand your business to the rest of the country or globe. To place yourself as a national or international business, you need to think bigger and get a cloud-based toll-free number that has a nationwide or global reach.

For instance, even if you don't have an office in Canada, a phone number with an 855 area code can make you look like a legitimate and reputed business with a global footprint.

Get More Call Backs

By getting a toll-free number you are making your business more accessible. Since the calls are free, more and more potential customers might reach out to you.

Toll-free numbers are a great way to look bigger and established, making prospective customers trust your brand.

Make Your Business Number Memorable

Toll-free numbers are pretty easy to remember. They normally start with prefixes such as 800, 855, 877 or 888. Interestingly, they are always broken down into small chunks when displayed on your caller id or a billboard.

Weve all had catchy 1-800 numbers stuck in our heads from commercials and so they have a greater recall value compared to a random mobile number.

Take Advantage Of The Cloud

Todays toll-free numbers are cloud-based VoIP numbers. If you have opted for call recordings and data analytics, you can access your call and analytics anytime anywhere. It will help you understand your callback rates or how to improve your cold calling campaigns.

How To Get A Toll-Free Number Easy And Quick

As you are aware, getting a toll-free number for your business is indeed a great way to expand your customer base and offer better customer support. Let's find how to get one for your business.

To get a toll-free number for your business without any hassle, visit the website of Quicktalk. You will see the option to choose a country > Type Of Phone Number > Prefix. You can also choose a phone number to forward your incoming calls.

Once you fill in the details, view rates and choose a plan that suits you. If needed you can also add a few premium features to your plan.

You need to fill in your details such as name, email id, etc.. Now, you add your orders to the cart and make the purchase. It's made to be easy.

Please note that only verified businesses can purchase a toll-free number. Also, if you wish, you can activate a free trial.

Features to Look for in a Toll-Free Number Solution

There are many service providers that offer cloud-based toll-free numbers. So what features should you look for? Here are 5 features you should consider:

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls and store them on the cloud for future use. Recorded calls add value to your business by:

  • Reducing your liabilities as each call can be used as evidence
  • Maintaining full compliance by keeping a record of transactions
  • Offering innumerable benefits to your customer service

Advanced IVR

Our automated call assistant helps callers resolve their problems quickly by transferring the calls to the right agent or department in a matter of minutes.

Customized Greetings

The custom greeting is your way to make a first impression that leaves a lasting impact on the customers. A well-worded custom greeting helps you create a friendly and inviting personality for your business.

Failover Forwarding

Failover forwarding is the best way to make sure that all calls are connected even if the line is busy or not answered.

Call Routing

This lets you route incoming calls to specific numbers allowing you to direct callers to specific employees or departments that can assist callers to solve their problems. Call routing comes in handy when you have higher call volumes.

Why Choose Quicktalk?

There are many players that offer cloud-based toll-free numbers and why should you partner with us? Read on to find out.


Our cloud-based toll-free phone numbers are easy to set up and the plans are affordable for businesses of all sizes. You do not require to purchase any additional equipment to set up the line or shell out huge bucks on maintenance. The setting up also doesn't take much time.

Excellent Customer Support

Pre-sale or post-sale support, we are here to help you with any calling questions you may have. You can reach us via chat, calls or emails anytime.

Access Data Anytime Anywhere

You can access your call history or analytics data anywhere anytime as the solution is cloud-based. The information can also be shared among your team making sure a smooth flow of information and insights between those who need it.

A Comprehensive Calling Solution

When you purchase the area code 855 or any toll-free number from Quicktalk, you just don't get a phone number that your customers can call you for free. In fact, you get an easy call system that you can use to manage your calls even better.With the use of call recording, routing, and access to reports you can turn the solution into a customer service tool that offers invaluable insights. You can use these insights to create better marketing as well as customer support strategies.


No matter what your business is, your company will need a legitimate and easy way to interact with your existing customers and reach out to prenatal ones. Cloud-based toll-free numbers are the best way to do so.