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How to Port Your Number To Google Voice?

July 25, 2023
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If you're looking at testing the waters with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, you might be considering a switch to Google Voice. It's a popular communication platform and sounds like a way to streamline all your communication if you're already using other services from the Google suite.

If you're in a city in the USA, this may be true. Otherwise, Google Voice may not be the best solution for you. That said, you could always try it out. However, it may be better to get a temporary phone number when you subscribe to Google Voice to be able to test it and ensure that you are happy with it before going through the effort of porting your number.

Table Of Content
  • How to port your number?
  • 6 tips for a Smooth Transition to Google Voice
  • Common Issues When Porting Your Number to Google Voice
  • Pros and Cons of porting your existing number to Google Voice?
  • How much does number porting cost?
  • What is the best alternative to Google Voice?
  • What is Quicktalk
  • Benefits of Quicktalk over Google Voice
  • Porting your number to Quicktalk
  • FAQs

How to port your number?

Firstly, to start using Google Voice services, you will need to choose a plan and subscribe to Google Workplace. Once you've set up a Google Workplace account, set up a Google Voice account with your Google Workplace ID. You can create an account through a computer or a smartphone.

Accept the terms and conditions and navigate to the page where you need to choose a phone number. Before your number can be ported, you will need to pick a temporary number. There is no extra fee for this number.

  • Open the Settings menu and open your account.
  • You will see an option to “Port Your Number”.
  • Select this and click on Get Started.
  • Enter the number you want to port to Google Voice and verify it by entering the 6-digit verification code sent via SMS.
  • On verifying eligibility for porting, Google Voice will ask for more details of your existing account.
  • Enter and review this information before paying the porting fee.

Your number should be ported within the next few days. You can then terminate the old connection and start using it from your Google Voice dashboard.

6 tips for a Smooth Transition to Google Voice

Choose the right porting option

Decide whether you want to port your existing number to Google Voice or get a new Google Voice number. Consider the implications, such as potential fees and the impact on your current phone service, before making a decision.

Familiarize yourself with Google Voice

As explained earlier, Google Voice will give you a temporary number before you start porting your number. It's the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with Google Voice. Take the time to explore and understand the features and capabilities of Google Voice. Learn about call forwarding, voicemail transcription, SMS/MMS messaging, and other functionalities it offers.

Configure voicemail settings

Customize your Google Voice voicemail greeting and configure other voicemail settings according to your preferences. Make sure to test the voicemail functionality to ensure it's working correctly.

Set up call forwarding

If you're porting your existing number to Google Voice, set up call forwarding from your current phone service to your Google Voice temporary number. This way, you won't miss any calls during the transition period.

Update your online accounts

Update your Google Voice number on online accounts, such as social media, banking, and shopping platforms, to ensure you receive any necessary notifications or verification codes.

Test and troubleshoot

Before fully relying on Google Voice, test its various features and functionalities. Make test calls, send text messages, and verify that everything is working as expected. If you encounter any issues, consult Google Voice support or community forums for assistance.

Common Issues When Porting Your Number to Google Voice

When porting your number to Google Voice, there can be a few common issues that users may encounter. Some of these issues include:

  • Ineligibility: Not all phone numbers are eligible for porting to Google Voice. Some numbers may not be eligible. Additionally, some carriers may have restrictions on porting numbers to Google Voice.
  • An incomplete port request: typically occurs due to an address error. To resolve this issue, carefully review the address associated with the company holding the number you wish to port. If necessary, cancel the port order and initiate it again with the correct address. Additionally, this error can be triggered by less common issues, including: unstable internet connection, duplicate porting requests, suspension of your domain, Internal system error
  • Failed porting requests: Occasionally, the porting process may fail due to various reasons. This can happen if the information provided during the porting request doesn't match the details associated with your current phone number. It's essential to ensure that all the information provided is accurate, including the account holder's name, address, and account number.
  • Delays in the porting process: Porting a phone number can sometimes take longer than expected. It typically takes a few days, but it can extend up to a week or more in some cases. During this time, you may experience temporary service disruptions or delays in receiving calls and texts.

Pros and Cons of porting your existing number to Google Voice?

Assuming that you're in the USA (Google Voice isn't available elsewhere yet), porting your phone number to Google Voice has pros and cons. This includes:

Pros of porting to Google Voice

Cheaper call rates as compared to regular mobile carriers

When it comes to international calls, there's a marked difference between call rates offered by mobile service providers and VoIP services like Google Voice. Google Voice lets you call and text numbers in the USA and several other countries.

For this, you need to buy credits for your account. Calls are billed based on the location and call duration at a much cheaper rate. What's more, if you're calling numbers in the USA and Canada, you may not be billed at all.

Access to additional features

While mobile carriers limit their services to let you make and receive calls, exchange messages and connect to the internet, there are many more services included in VoIP packs. Google Voice includes features like voicemail, voicemail transcription, call forwarding and call recording in its plans. The add-on services included depend on the plan chosen. For example, services like call recording are not included in the Google Voice base plan.

Cons of porting to Google Voice

Porting fees

While Google Voice does allow you to port an existing number to your Google Voice account, this service isn't free. To port a number, you need to pay a one-time fee of $20. At a later date, if you decide to switch to another service provider, Google Voice may charge an additional unlocking fee.

There are many alternative VoIP services such as Quicktalk that do not charge this porting fee.

Limited availability

The unavailability of Google Voice services outside the USA is one of the biggest limitations of this service. This means that unlike other VoIP service providers, you cannot get a local number in Spain or France or Australia with a Google Voice account. If you have an international team working from remote locations, it can be frustrating to not have everyone on the same platform.

Works only with other Google apps

If all your other operations are on the Google platform, Google Voice may seem like a natural progression. However, if you use other collaboration apps and platforms, you'll find that Google Voice has limited integration abilities. Also, this service cannot be accessed through a desktop app. It only works through web browsers and mobile apps.

How much does number porting cost?

Number porting is a common feature offered by most mobile carriers and VoIP service providers. It allows you to retain your existing number while switching service providers. In cases like Google Voice, this service attracts an add-on fee.

You must pay $20 per number to port your number to Google Voice. If you want to port a number out of the Google Voice free plan, you must pay a $3 unlocking fee. However, many VoIP service providers like Quicktalk do not charge any porting fees.

What is the best alternative to Google Voice?

Google Voice is one of many VoIP service providers. If you don't want to pay the porting fees and want a wider range of features, you should consider the alternatives. At the top of the list is Quicktalk.

What is Quicktalk

Quicktalk is a VoIP service designed for startups and small businesses. This mini call center software allows you to make and receive calls and exchange messages from your mobile phone or computer. Quicktalk includes a free number as part of its subscription plans and offers a free number porting service if you would like to retain your old number. Along with the basic communication services, Quicktalk also offers a number of other features such as custom call greetings, call distribution, call forwarding, real-time call monitoring and integration with other productivity apps.

Benefits of Quicktalk over Google Voice

There are many benefits that make Quicktalk a better VoIP service partner as compared to Google Voice.

Free porting

Quicktalk understands the importance of maintaining the same number even when you change service providers. Hence all Quicktalk account holders have the option to port an existing number to their account without any additional porting fees.

Ease of use and better pricing

With Quicktalk, you get one or multiple company phone numbers, customizable greetings, flexible business hour management, and seamless call distribution to your team. It's a modern solution designed for small businesses, and signing up is quick and hassle-free. Set up everything in minutes with no commitment, ideal for busy entrepreneurs

Wider network

While Google Voice is limited to offering connections in the USA and Canada, Quicktalk has a wider network that covers many more countries. Along with the USA and Canada, you can also get a new number or port an existing number from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom…

Unlimited calling

Google Voice plans include free calling only to other Google Voice accounts and numbers in the USA. Calls to all other international locations are charged at a per-minute rate. However, Quicktalk allows you to make and receive unlimited calls and exchange messages with numbers in 35 international locations without any additional fee. Calls to number not included in the plan are charged at a nominal per-minute rate.

Porting your number to Quicktalk

Porting an existing number to Quicktalk is free and simple. You can port landline numbers, mobile numbers, toll-free numbers or other VoIP service numbers. The number you want to port must be active so do not terminate this connection before the porting process is over.

Open the Quicktalk website and start the sign-up process. At this stage, you can choose a temporary number in your country of preference. Once this account has been created, send a number porting requests with the number you want to port in and your account details to [email protected].

Your number will be ported in a few days and you can then terminate the old connection. Your number can then be used to make and receive calls and exchange messages through the Quicktalk interface. Your billing cycle will also be adjusted to the date from which your number has been ported into the account.


What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a VoIP platform for personal and business use by Google. This platform leverages the internet connection to let you make and receive voice and video calls and exchange messages with your friends and family. You don't need to invest in any additional hardware.

All services are accessible through a smartphone app or a web browser. Signing up for the service is free and you can call other Google Voice numbers without a fee. But, to call regular numbers you will need to add credits to your Google Voice account according to your plan. Call rates vary from country to country.

Like other VoIP service providers, Google Voice also includes a number of additional services. You can listen to voicemails or read them thanks to transcription, forward calls to another number, record calls and make conference calls.

However, Google Voice services are currently available only in the USA. Depending on your needs, there are 4 monthly subscription plans to choose from. If you want to port your existing number to Google Voice, there is an additional fee you would need to pay.

Can you port an existing number to Google Voice?

You can port an existing number to Google Voice as long as it is an active number from an area code supported by Google Voice services.

Is Google Voice number porting free?

Porting an existing number to Google Voice is not free. You will be charged a $20 porting fee per number.

Can you port an international number to Google Voice?

Currently, only numbers from the USA can be ported to Google Voice.

Why can't you port your number to Google Voice?

Some of the reasons you may be unable to port your number to Google Voice could be because it is inactive or from an area not supported by Google Voice.