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Discover the 6 Best Zoom Phone Alternatives for Small Businesses

December 04, 2022
phone system for small business

Looking something similar to Zoom Phone, but better? Discover the best 5 alternatives to Zoom Phone that you can use for your business VoIP provider.

Table Of Content
  • What is Zoom Phone?
  • Zoom Phone Pricing
  • Why move away from Zoom Phone?
  • Top 6 Alternatives to Zoom Phone
  • Zoom Phone Alternatives FAQs

What is Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone is a cloud phone solution, built natively for the Zoom platform. Founded in 2011 out of California, Zoom now employs thousands of employees all over the world. Zoom's enterprise cloud phone system offers video calls with global coverage, which means you can choose a local number in more than 40 countries. It also allows for integration with your current phone service provider and for number porting. Zoom Phone can be integrated with 3rd party integrations such as, Microsoft Office 365, and Google G-Suite. Their centralized phone system management allows call quality monitoring, user management and data usage information.

Zoom Phone Pricing

Source : Zoom Phone pricing on on the 12/27/2021

Zoom Phone's paid monthly plans range from $14.99 to $35 per license. The Pro package is for small teams that need up to 9 licenses. If you need features like recorded transcripts and managed domains, the $19.99 per month per license Business plan would be better. However, you would need to purchase at least 10 licenses. The Enterprise package offers a few additional services at the same price, but you would need to buy at least 50 licenses. If you want additional premium features, you will need the Zoom Unlimited Business package.

Why move away from Zoom Phone?

You need a more complete solution

Zoom Phone's plans are complicated and not well packaged for small businesses. They offer a mix of plans depending on how many calling hours you want and which countries or regions you want to call. You should also be aware that not all packages include outbound calling or text messaging. If you are considering Zoom Phone, you should know that only the more premium packages respond to the needs of small businesses.

Pros: Zoom Phone offers a wide range of features

Cons: Zoom Phone's solution is not well packaged for small businesses

You need unlimited calling at an affordable pricing

Zoom Phone's pricing is expensive compared to other alternatives on the market, ranging from $120 to $300 per user per year. On top of that, it is often necessary to buy extra add ons to be able to properly manage your business calls, which range from an extra $60 to $120 per year. You should also be aware that some of their packages limit outbound calls, and you need to pay per minute on top of your yearly subscription which can get expensive.

Pros: Zoom Phone provides options with affordable pricing and limited engagement

Cons: Zoom Phone is more expensive than many alternatives on the market

You need something easy to use and set up

Business communication has a history of being complicated. It is important to choose a modern solution that is easy to start and simply to use. You should be able to set up a cloud phone system in 3 to 5 minutes and a more advanced contact center solution within 15 minutes. If this is not the case with Zoom Phone, it would be best to look for another provider so you don't waste time in complex implementation.

Top 6 Alternatives to Zoom Phone

Are you looking for a better option than Zoom Phone? Compare the other solutions on the market to select the best tool for your small or medium-sized business. Below, you will find a review of the competitors in terms of price, features, and ease of use:

Alternative #1: Quicktalk

Quicktalk is a business phone system designed to fit small businesses' needs. It allows companies to get a phone number and set up an auto-attendant in 2 minutes online.

One of the big advantages of Quicktalk is the pricing. You can benefit from unlimited calls for 3 users at $19 per month with all the features: custom greetings, opening hours, call distribution, IVR, call recording, live listening…

In a nutshell, Quicktalk provides entrepreneurs with all the features they need to manage their customer calls from their mobile and computer thanks to a quick and easy to setup online solution.

Alternative #2: Ringover

With a complete range of features, from basic business phone line to advanced call center features, Ringover is rated as the best alternative to Zoom Phone. Ringover is an easy-to-use solution designed for small and medium size businesses who are looking to make unlimited calling, simplify call management and improve the experience of their callers.

With 2 simple packages, you can get the best deal with the most features in one single solution, including unlimited international calling from local numbers, videoconferencing, and text messaging.

Top Advantages of Ringover

> Get unlimited calling: Why pay more for calling? With Ringover, you get unlimited calls to and from 100 different destinations even in the smallest package.

> Simplify virtual calling: Set up and start calling with Ringover within minutes from any smartphone or computer. Using it and integrating with your CRM is pure simplicity.

> Centralize your communication: Access calling, videoconferencing, fax and messaging in a place specially designed for small businesses

Alternative #3: RingCentral

RingCentral's cloud-based platform provides phone calling, video conferencing, team messaging, and a customer contact center. They offer free inbound calling but have a limited number of toll-free minutes. RingCentral offers 4 different packages for small businesses that range from $19 per user per month for a simple phone and messaging plan, to $50 per user per month for a complete solution of features. RingCentral could be a good alternative to Zoom Phone for companies looking for more advanced VoIP features.

Alternative #4: Nextiva

Nextiva is a VoIP platform that provides phone, text, video, and email as well as internal communication tools and automations to simplify customer follow up. Their pricing varies based on how many users and features you want to enable, but their monthly prices generally range from $30 to $73 per user per month. Nextiva could be a good alternative to Zoom Phone for companies looking for the automation features. They are also specialized in the sports industry.

Alternative #5: 8x8

8x8 is an all-in-one open cloud communications platform with features ranging from business phone, text messaging, team chat, video conferencing, contact center, to analytics, API solutions, and analytics. 8x8's prices range from $12 per user per month for a simple phone system to $170 per user per month for a full contact center solution. They are certified by Microsoft teams, and their solution is safe, secure, and compliant.

Alternative #6: Vonage

Vonage offers 3 main products to their business customers: APIs, unified communications, and contact centers. They have communication APIs (voice, video, messaging), authentication APIs, and management APIs (reports, audits, etc), all that integrates with your other tools. Their prices range from $15 per line per month to $39 per line per month for small businesses. Vonage could be a good alternative to Zoom Phone for companies wanting to connect multiple tools and centralize their communication.

Zoom Phone Alternatives FAQs

How much does Zoom Phone cost?

If you want more than the basic calling features, Zoom Phone's monthly plans start at $15 per license/month. Depending on the features and number of licenses you want, you can upgrade to the Pro, Business or Enterprise package. Upgrades include a variety of features such as live transcription, company branding, the ability to host larger meetings, and managed domains.

Who are the top Zoom Phone competitors?

Zoom Phone has many other U.S. based competitors that offer cloud communication solutions like business phone systems, call center solutions, video calling, etc. Zoom Phone is generally compared to Ringover, Ringcentral or 8x8 that provide similar features.

Top 5 Zoom Phone competitors

1: Quicktalk

2: Ringover

3: Ringcentral

4: 8x8

5: Nextiva

6: Vonage

What is the best alternative to Zoom Phone?

If the Zoom Phone plans seem too complicated and expensive, take a look at Quicktalk. They offer an all-in-one business phone system that offers one single plan with all the features. You can make unlimited calls anywhere in the world and simplify calling for your business communications. Setup is instant with no technical requirements.