Dialpad vs Ooma: Which one is the best for your business?

October 10, 2023
phone system for small business

Brace yourself for an epic match: Dialpad vs. Ooma. Discover the ultimate phone system champion for your business. Let the duel begin!

Introducing Dialpad: AI-enhanced collaboration hub. Voice, video, messaging across 70+ countries. Opt for 3 plans with unlimited calling, auto attendants, call recording, and live transcription. Power up productivity and service quality.

But wait, there's another force to be reckoned with on the other side, Ooma: Your comprehensive business communication partner. Ooma offers VoIP services, communication hardware, and monthly plans with extras like international calling and voice-to-text. Discover 50+ features, including call forwarding and virtual faxes.

Compare Dialpad and Ooma plans and features

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Looking for budget-friendly plans - explore Dialpad packages

You can get a new business number with a Dialpad Standard pack for $23 per user per month. The pack includes services such as unlimited calling to select destinations, call and voicemail transcriptions, contact syncing and web/chat support. A Dialpad Pro pack subscription costs $25 per user per month. This offers all the features of the Standard plan as well as multiple phone numbers with each account. It also gives access to features such as 25 ring groups, CRM integrations and 24/7 live agent support.
phone system for small business

Ooma plans start at a slightly higher fee as compared to Dialpad. Subscribing to the Ooma Essentials plan costs businesses $19.95 per user per month. This is inclusive of free calling to select destinations and 50+ standard features. Subscribers can access these features through desk phones or mobile applications. A monthly subscription fee of $24.95 per user will give business teams access to the Pro plan. This includes all the features of the Essentials plan as well as voicemail transcription, call recording, video conferencing, etc. Priced at $29.95 per user per month, the Pro+ plan gives subscribers access to all the Pro plan features as well as additional features such as integration to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, hot desking, call queueing and meeting recordings.
phone system for small business

A step-by-step comparison between Dialpad and Ooma

To help you find what solution fits best your need between Zoom Phone and Ringcentral, we have conducted an unbiased comparison based on 8 criterias:
#1 Manage your office calls : How will you handle calls while at the office? Can you use computer-based calls or do you require an office phone?
#2 Manage your calls on the go: Does it offer a mobile app with VoIP calls? Do you need to set up call forwarding to your mobile device?
#3 Auto-attendant : Can you easily distribute calls to your team?
#4 Greetings Management : Can you set up company greetings on your own? How easy is it to create and manage announcements?
#5 Call Tracking : How easy is it to monitor your business calls?
#6 Call recording : Can you record and listen to calls?
#7 Call billing : How much does it cost to make and receive calls? Is everything included?
#8 Activation : How easy is it to activate a phone number and set up your phone system?
  • Manage Your Office Calls
  • Manage Your Calls On The Go
  • Auto-attendant
  • Greetings Management
  • Call Tracking
  • Call recording
  • Call billing
  • Activation

#1 Manage Your Office Calls

Web browser, deskphone or desktop application; choose your channel to access Dialpad and Ooma services

You can make and receive calls or access other Dialpad features through a web browser, application for your desktop/ laptop or deskphone that supports Dialpad.

phone system for small business

When it comes to starter plans, Dialpad offers more interface options as compared to Ooma. All Essential plan subscribers can use desk phones while Pro and Pro+ subscribers can also use the Ooma desktop app.

phone system for small business

#2 Manage Your Calls On The Go

Dialpad and Ooma; 2 communication solutions with mobile applications

Dialpad users can stay connected on the move with a free app for Android and iOS devices.

phone system for small business

Ooma subscribers can download a free smartphone app to access Ooma services on the same lines as Dialpad.

phone system for small business

#3 Auto-attendant

Smart routing options from Dialpad and Ooma

To minimize the risk of missed calls, incoming Dialpad calls can be routed through an Interactive Voice Response system. Both Standard and Pro plan users can set up an IVR menu in 10 languages. However, Standard plan users can set up ring groups with 3 agents while Pro plan ring groups can include up to 10 agents.

phone system for small business

While Dialpad uses IVR, all Ooma plans are inclusive of a virtual receptionist with customizable sub-menus to route incoming calls.

phone system for small business

#4 Greetings Management

Customized greeting options to build a professional brand image

Dialpad subscribers can record custom messages to greet callers or use a default voicemail greeting. 1. Go to Call Handling and Voicemail on the Settings menu. 2. You can either record a new message or upload a recorded message.

phone system for small business

As with Dialpad, welcome messages for the Ooma virtual receptionist can be customized from the dashboard. Step 1. Sign in to Ooma with admin access. Step 2. Select business hours schedule from Settings. Step 3. Type greeting for text to speech customization or upload a new recording.

phone system for small business

#5 Call Tracking

Limited call monitoring holds Ooma back

Any call made through the Dialpad interface can be monitored by supervisors for compliance and quality control. Call monitoring facilities include listening to live calls without the people on the call knowing, coaching agents during a call without the other person’s knowledge, joining a live call and taking it over. Calls can also be recorded for later analysis. Further, voicemails left by callers can be transcribed.

phone system for small business

Dialpad's inclusion of call monitoring features puts it ahead of Ooma. The Ooma Essentials plan includes voicemail and call log reports as features. All voicemails are forwarded to email inboxes as MP3 attachments for easier access. Supervisors can access individual and team call log reports from their dashboards to assess their productivity. If required, these files can be exported as CSV files. They can initiate 3-way calls with their agents and customers but cannot listen to live calls or coach agents through query resolution. In addition to these services, Ooma Pro and Pro+ plan subscribers can also access voicemail transcriptions.

phone system for small business

#6 Call Recording

With Dialpad, even basic plan users can access call recording facilities

Dialpad users can automatically or manually record calls for compliance or quality check concerns. This applies to all calls made and received through apps on smartphones/ laptops/ desktops.

phone system for small business

The difference in call recording capabilities is visible in the starter plans for Dialpad and Ooma. To record incoming and outgoing calls, you will need to subscribe to either the Pro or Pro+ plans. This feature is not available in the Essential plan.

phone system for small business

#7 Call Billing

Get more value for money with Dialpad

You can create an account with Dialpad from the website and use the Dialpad services by downloading the application to your smartphone or desktop. This account can be set up with a new number or you can port your existing number. Dialpad also supports certain IP desk and room phones by Obihai, Polycom and Yealink. These devices and adapters can be purchased from the admin settings on your Dialpad dashboard or from brand retailers.

International calls are billed additionally for both Dialpad and Ooma subscribers. Calls are billed additionally for all locations other than the USA. Subscribers can either get an add-on international calling pack or bill each call at country-specific per-minute rates.

#8 Activation

Easy setup and installation

Dialpad offers an easy online account creation process where subscribers can port their existing numbers or get new local numbers in American area codes. Services for the chosen plan can be accessed through a chrome extension or free application for smartphone/ laptop/ desktop devices. Subscribers can also make and receive calls on certain Polycom, Obihai and Yealink IP phones. These phones are available on the Dialpad website or through market retailers.

phone system for small business

Like Dialpad, Ooma business subscribers can get new phone numbers or apply to port their existing number to Ooma. Plan features can then be accessed through smartphone apps for Android and iOS devices, analog phones or IP phones. The latter is available on the Ooma website. Chrome extensions can also be used to make and receive calls from laptops and desktops. In addition, Pro and Pro+ plan subscribers can use desktop applications.

phone system for small business
All prices indicated are before tax and all information has been taken from the websites of the companies concerned as of 10/10/2023

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