How it works

Create your account, get a company phone number and start managing your customer calls in minutes. Discover the simplest business phone system for your small business.

Pick a phone number for your business

Choose a local number and use it instantly to make and answer customer calls. Already have a company phone number that you want to keep? No problem, we will port it for you for free.


Set up a phone system in minutes and sound more professional

During work hours forward calls to your mobile or computer and make unlimited calls to your customers

Use our Online Studio to easily create quality recordings using text-to-speech technology, add on hold music and customize your company welcome message whenever you need to!

Add a Press #1... Press #2... menu to better manage your company calls and improve your customer service

Distribute incoming calls to the right person on your team with call cascading or simultaneous calling options.

Upgrade your brand and customer calling experience

Create a branded voice greeting, voicemail messages and automated menus for customer calls in minutes. Easily generate quality recordings using text-to-speech technology and our library of royalty free music.

Unlimited calling anywhere

Benefit from unlimited calling. Forward calls to your cell phone and use the mobile app to make calls with your Quicktalk number using your cell carrier network (not VOIP) for perfect call quality. You can also manage inbound and outbound calls directly from your computer.

Unlimited calls to 35 destinations

The plan includes unlimited calling to 35 destinations:
US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zeland, Japan, China, Singapore, UK, Germany, France,
and many more...

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Don't miss a beat!

Ensure all missed calls are called back efficiently. Streamline your business call logs and stay on top of everything

Effective contact management

Coming Soon

Add your business contacts to see who's calling you on inbound calls and when calling someone back.

Synchronize your contacts with your CRM or with your own contact in Quicktalk in one click!

Connect Your Slack

Coming Soon

If you use Slack, connect it to Quicktalk in 1 click and get real-time notifications for your incoming calls on any channel you like.