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Ecommerce Integration

Integrate your e-commerce solution with Quicktalk to better respond to your customer calls


Synchronize your contacts

Synchronize contacts between your directory and the database of your ecommerce software using the native integration. As a result, information from your e-commerce solution is added to your call log.

View the order history with each call

During an incoming call, the customer information of your e-commerce solution is displayed on the screen including the order history.

Ecommerce Integration FAQ

How do you integrate your ecommerce solution and your phone?

Quicktalk offers native integrations with most ecommerce solutions. If the solution you use is one of them, it's very simple, in a few clicks from the Quicktalk dashboard, set up the integration and benefit from all the associated features.

What are the advantages of integrating your telephone with your ecommerce solution?

When telephone support is integrated with your ecommerce solution, it becomes ten times more efficient. You can view all of your customers' information with each customer call, allowing you to provide a better and faster response.

Is it a CTI integration?

CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) integrations connect a company's telephone system to a computer program. The integration of your ecommerce solution with your Quicktalk telephone is a CTI integration.