Greeting Message

Personalize your telephone greeting with the image of your company by using the Quicktalk voice studio.


Send out a professional image

With the Quicktalk online voice studio, create an ultra-customized voice announcement in an instant. Create your voice messages from text by selecting the language (16 languages available) and voice of your choice.

Modify your greeting in a few clicks

In a few clicks, you can modify your messages as many times as you want. For example, keep your customers informed of your latest news, current promotions, exceptional closeouts, etc.

Phone Greetings FAQ

What is the purpose of a telephone greeting?

The greeting will differentiate your service from a call to a private number and thus give a professional image to your telephone support. It is above all essential to indicate to the caller that they have not dialed the wrong number and that they are indeed at the service of your company.

How do you compose a good phone greeting?

A good greeting contains a welcome with your company name and a message to reassure the caller that their call will be handled in the best possible way. Above all, a good telephone greeting is a message that resembles your brand. Often a brief and simple message is preferred, but don't hesitate to use background music and words to reinforce your brand image.

Is it possible to have a greeting in a foreign language?

The Quicktalk online studio allows you to record messages in 16 different languages. No need to record yourself, just type the text that will be spoken in the language of your choice with the voice of your choice.