How do I add an extra number?

When you sign up for a Quicktalk account, you'll obtain a free phone number for your business.

There are several reasons why you may want to add additional numbers. For example:

  • You want to open a telephone support in another country (for example a support number for the US, and a number for the UK)
  • You want a number for each region within the same country. For example a number for an agency in London, and a number for an agency in Manchester.
  • You may want a different number for each of your departments. For example a number for sales support and a number for technical support.
  • How do I add a telephone number to my Quicktalk account?

  1. Go to > Create and click on "Add a number"
  2. Then choose the country and the number you want.

In the country for which you activate a number, you must provide a billing address.

If the additional number you wish to add is a number from a country other than the billing address of your Quicktalk account, we will ask you to provide a new address in the country you wish to add a number to. Local laws require companies that wish to obtain a telephone number in their country to have an address in that country.

This legislation covers all countries offered by Quicktalk, except for the United States and Canada for which you can obtain a number by having an address in one of the 23 countries covered by Quicktalk.