How do I add a user ?

Add users when you first login

When you first connect to your interface, you will be asked to add users by indicating their email, first and last name.

Add users at any time from your account

  1. Utilisateurs-Go to > Users
  2. Click on "Add a user".
  3. Indicate the email, first and last name of the user.

The user will immediately receive an email allowing him/her to validate this invitation. He will have to click on the link present in this invitation to validate his registration.

The new user can be added to the call distribution immediately.

Users included in the subscription

Your subscription includes 3 users. You can add 2 other users at no extra cost. They will have access to the same features and unlimited calls.

Additional users

You also have the option to add users in addition to the 3 users included in your subscription. These additional users will be charged on the basis of 10€ HT per month, per user.

At the time of the addition, a pro-rated payment for the period to be covered until the next anniversary date of your subscription will be required. Then, these additional users will be billed on the basis of 10€ HT per month and per user.

Example: The anniversary date of your subscription is the 15th of each month. On April 1st, you decide to add a 4th user to your Quicktalk account. You must immediately pay the sum of €5 (plus tax) for the period from April 1st to 15th for this new user. Then, on April 15th, this user will be added to your subscription of €19 (plus tax) and you will pay the monthly fee of 19+10 = 29€ (plus tax).