How do I transfer Quicktalk calls to my cell phone?

All incoming calls to your Quicktalk number can be received on your personal cell phone:

  • If you are traveling
  • If you have a bad internet connection from your computer
  • If you prefer to answer calls on your cell phone rather than from your computer.

To do this, simply enter your cell phone number and click on "active transfer" in > Settings

Every time you receive a call on your Quicktalk number and you do not answer on your web application from your computer or if you are not connected to the internet, then:

  1. The call is transferred to your mobile number.
  2. You get a call from your Quicktalk number (which you recognize as a business call).
  3. You can then accept or reject the call.

Call Confirmation

When you pick up the phone to answer an incoming call, we ask for confirmation to transfer the call to you with the following message:

"Quicktalk call, to pick up press 1, to reject press 2"

  • If you press 1, you are connected to the caller
  • If you press 2, the call is not transferred; instead, it is forwarded to the next person in the call cascade or, if no one else is available, it is transferred to your "when no one answers" message.

This confirmation prevents your caller from reaching your personal cell phone's answering machine.


Quicktalk only accepts mobile numbers from the 23 countries covered