How can I call my customers from my cell phone using my Quicktalk number?

Quicktalk allows you to call your customers directly from your personal cell phone by showing them your Quicktalk number. You do not give your personal number to callers when you use the Quicktalk program; your personal number is secure.


  • Your personal mobile number must be entered in your settings > Settings
  • Personal number
  • You must have the Quicktalk mobile application installed on your cell phone. (application available on Apple Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android)iOS / Android)

Icon IOS / android

  1. Click on the number you wish to call back from the call log in the Quicktalk program, or use the keypad directly to input a number.
  2. When you start the call, your cell phone dials your Quicktalk number, and the call is immediately redirected to the other party.

Your contact will receive a call from your Quicktalk number.

From your cell phone, Quicktalk does not use VOIP (Voice Over Internet) technology. It is a call using the traditional cell phone network, ensuring optimal call quality even when you do not have 4G coverage.