How do I add a voice menu to my telephone greeting?

With a few clicks, Quicktalk allows you to add a voice menu "press 1, press 2..." to your phone greeting.

A voice menu allows you to prompt the caller to press a key to indicate a choice in the subject of the call and direct the caller to the right person.

It is useful in several situations, for example:

  • Direct your customers to the right department. For example, "If you are already a customer, press 1, If you are not yet a customer, press 2"
  • Direct your customers by language "For French, press 1, for English press 2 "
  • Direct your customers to a voice message, for example your business hours or information about a special event in your company.

There are many examples of using a voice menu and we suggest you read the following article: blog quicktalk.

How do I create a voice menu?

Indicate which members of your team will receive calls for each key.

  1. When creating your telephone greeting, choose "Add a voice menu"
  2. In the voice menu, indicate which users the call should be sent to and in what order for each key
  3. Distribution des appels
  4. You can also send the call to a personalized voice message
  5. Annonce vocale

Please note:

  • You can add up to 9 keys to your voice menu and change them at any time.
  • You can alse redirect calls to the same person from multiple different keys
  • If you use a voice menu, make sure your greeting tells the caller which key to use to direct the call.
  • Once your voice menu is created, consider testing it by calling your Quicktalk number.