How to tag and make notes on your calls

To improve call ranking and communication within your team, each Quicktalk call can be tagged or annotated.

Tagging a call

In > Activity click on the call tag :

Urgent: can be used to indicate that this call must be treated urgently.

Call back:can be used to signal that this customer must be called back

Processed: can be used to indicate that the call and the customer's request has been processed.

Take notes on a call

In > Activity, you just click on the xx icon to open the note entry field. The limit is xxx characters, which usually allows you to write a 15-20 line note.

Filter calls by tags and notes

Once you've tagged or annotated your calls, you can use the filters to display calls based on the tags and notes you've added.

Use tags and call annotations to:

  • Improve your call ranking. You can simply display calls based on their tag by utilizing filters. It's quite beneficial to show only urgent or "to be called back" calls, for example.
  • Improve collaboration. By using tags or notes on calls, you can easily share information with other members of your team.