What are the different permissions?

Quicktalk allows you to define two types of users, "Administrators" and "Users"

User Permissions

The Quicktalk user has access to the following features:

  • Make and receive unlimited calls on computer
  • Transfer unlimited calls to cell phone
  • Make calls from your cell phone with the Quicktalk number (via the Quicktalk application)
  • Access your call history from your computer or from the cell phone application
  • Listen to call recordings and voicemail messages
  • Create your Quicktalk account: language, ringtone...

Administrator Permissions

The Quicktalk administrator has access to all user features and can do the following:

  • Listen to your team's calls live
  • Add and delete users
  • Add and delete numbers
  • Create phone greeting (voice messages and call distribution)
  • Activate integrations with external tools (Slack, E-Commerce platform...)
  • Access to invoices and payment method.