What equipment is needed to use Quicktalk?

Quicktalk is a solution to manage your customer calls that does not require any specific telecom hardware installation. There is no need to install telephone sets or softphone software on your computer.

Quicktalk can be accessed via a simple web page from any computer, whether it's to generate a phone greeting or to make calls from any cell phone.

Create your account

Account setup (activating telephone numbers, adding users, creating greetings and routing calls) is done from a simple web page at app.quicktalk.com/setup.

Equipment required:

One computer with an internet connection

How to manage your phone calls

Unlimited inbound and outbound telephone calls are managed from your computer via app.quicktalk.com or from your personal cell phone.

From your computer :

From app.quicktalk.com you can track, receive and make calls

Equipment required

1 computer with an internet connection

1 headset or earphones (optional)

From your personal cell phone :

Quicktalk calls can be diverted to your cell phone if you prefer. You may also use your Quicktalk number to call your customers and use the Quicktalk app to track your calls from your phone.

Equipment required :

1 cell phone with a calling plan.