How do I set up rules for routing incoming calls to users?

In > Configuration, you can specify which users will receive incoming calls on your Quicktalk number. There are three kinds of call distribution:

Simultaneous call distribution

If you choose the simultaneous calls option, the call will be redirected to all users at the same time with each incoming call. The first user to pick up the call will be in conversation with the caller.

If you want to keep your customers waiting as little as possible, use simultaneous call distribution.

Distribution of calls in sequence with a defined order

If you choose cascade call distribution, with predefined order, the calls will be redirected to the users according to the order you define. Thus, the call will first be sent to the first user in the list and, if he does not answer, the call is sent to the second user, and so on.

Use this type of forwarding if one member of your team is responsible for handling priority calls, while other team members are there to handle call overflow.

Distribution of calls in a random order

If you choose to distribute calls in a random order, the calls will be redirected randomly to the different users.

You should use this type of forwarding if you want to distribute the calls evenly to different users.