vs Openphone: Which one is the best for your business?

October 10, 2023
phone system for small business

Experience the ultimate showdown: vs. OpenPhone. Unveil the perfect communication solution for your business. Let the competition begin!

Introducing Your versatile business phone platform for calls, video, conferences, messages, and faxes. Ideal for cost-effective communication, especially for small and growing businesses. Explore features for call management, team productivity, and more. Three monthly plans available.

Emerging from the opposing corner, we have OpenPhone. Step into the future of communication with this all-in-one phone system that seamlessly amalgamates calls, texts, and contact management in a single app, accessible on all devices. Explore benefits such as call recording, voicemail transcription, and streamlined CRM integration.

Compare and Openphone plans and features

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Cheaper starter plans for business communication by

The Basic plan is priced at $11.99 per user per month and includes 500 pooled minutes for outgoing calls to the USA and certain parts of Canada, 50 standard voice features, video conferencing for up to 10 participants and automated attendants.

The Plus plan priced at $15.99 per user per month includes all the features of the Basic plan as well as unlimited calling minutes to the USA and Canada, video conferencing for up to 25 participants, video recordings and voicemail transcriptions.

The Pro plan is priced at $23.99 per user per month and includes many premium features such as live video streaming, call analytics, call recording and application integration.
phone system for small business

At a glance, plans seem cheaper than OpenPhone.

The Standard plan by OpenPhone is priced at $17 per user per month. This includes unlimited calls to numbers in the USA and Canada as well as other features such as call recording and shared contacts.

Paying $25 per user per month gives businesses access to the upgraded OpenPhone Premium plan. This is inclusive of all the Standard plan features as well collaborative and communication features such as IVR-based call routing and call analytics as well as simpler integrations.
phone system for small business

A step-by-step comparison between and Openphone

To help you find what solution fits best your need between Zoom Phone and Ringcentral, we have conducted an unbiased comparison based on 8 criterias:
#1 Manage your office calls : How will you handle calls while at the office? Can you use computer-based calls or do you require an office phone?
#2 Manage your calls on the go: Does it offer a mobile app with VoIP calls? Do you need to set up call forwarding to your mobile device?
#3 Auto-attendant : Can you easily distribute calls to your team?
#4 Greetings Management : Can you set up company greetings on your own? How easy is it to create and manage announcements?
#5 Call Tracking : How easy is it to monitor your business calls?
#6 Call recording : Can you record and listen to calls?
#7 Call billing : How much does it cost to make and receive calls? Is everything included?
#8 Activation : How easy is it to activate a phone number and set up your phone system?
  • Manage Your Office Calls
  • Manage Your Calls On The Go
  • Auto-attendant
  • Greetings Management
  • Call Tracking
  • Call recording
  • Call billing
  • Activation

#1 Manage Your Office Calls

Easy desktop and deskphone support puts and OpenPhone at par

Calls can be made and received with a desktop app on devices with a working internet connection or through a supported deskphone.

phone system for small business and OpenPhone offer easy options for agents to stay connected on the go.

Subscribers have 2 main options available to access OpenPhone services – the web browser and desktop application.

phone system for small business

#2 Manage Your Calls On The Go

Android and iOS Mobile applications available from both service providers

Calls can be made via android and iOS applications.

phone system for small business

In the case of and OpenPhone subscriptions, android and iOS users can use the OpenPhone smartphone app to make and receive calls.

phone system for small business

#3 Auto-attendant

Similar IVR options by and OpenPhone

IVR menus can direct incoming calls to relevant agents depending on the responses keyed in.

phone system for small business

8x8 and OpenPhone include similar call routing solutions in their plans.

IVR-based call routing is available to all OpenPhone subscribers. Standard plan subscribers can access basic IVR menus and route calls to internal/external numbers while Premium plan subscribers can route calls to internal/external numbers as well as voicemail. If the caller doesn’t make a choice, in the case of the Standard plan subscription, the menu is repeated. Premium plan subscribers have a choice of 7 actions to be taken.

phone system for small business

#4 Greetings Management

Effortless options for greeting customization by and OpenPhone

Greetings can be created from the app by uploading a recording or using the text to voice feature.

1. Select the voicemail tab from the settings menu.

2. Enter the text for the voicemail or record a custom message.

phone system for small business and OpenPhone have similar options for customized greetings.

Subscribers with admin access to both OpenPhone plans can customize voicemail greetings from the mobile/desktop app.

Step 1: Choose My Phone Numbers from the admin dashboard.

Step 2: Pick a phone number.

Step 3: Go to the Voicemail section and select Change.

Step 4: Upload a recorded greeting or type your greeting and use the text to speech option.

phone system for small business

#5 Call Tracking's voicemail transcription vs OpenPhone's automated responses

With the Basic plan, users can transfer/ forward calls to other agents and supervisors or bring them onto a conference call if required. All call logs are available for later assessment. When calls are directed to voicemail, you will receive an email notification to ensure no message gets missed. Moderator controls are available for all calls.

In addition to all the features of the Basic plan, the Plus plan also transcribes voicemail messages and sends them to your email inbox for easier accessibility. You can then choose to follow up with a call or message.

With the Pro plan, you can get account-wide snapshots of all new and returning calls with details on call duration, directions, etc. Calls can be forwarded to other agents on the basis of the time of day or caller. You can also record calls for later analysis. These features are in addition to the features included in the Basic and Plus plans.

phone system for small business

While and OPenPhone plans exclude live call monitoring, they offer comparable alternatives.

Admin account holders for both OpenPhone plans can view activity across all phone numbers and user accounts. With the Premium plan, they can also access reports on how accounts are being used to assess productivity and support requirements.

Subscribers to both plans can create message templates. These can be used to respond quickly to calls, voicemails and text messages. They may also be scheduled for later delivery. Premium plan subscribers can also redirect calls to internal extensions or external phone numbers.

phone system for small business

#6 Call Recording

Included call recording feature gives OpenPhone the advantage

For the Basic and Plus plans, all recording is available for incoming and outgoing calls at an additional rate of $8 per month.

Call recording is included in the Pro plan.

phone system for small business

While offers limited access to call recording, OpenPhone makes it available in all plans.

All OpenPhone plans include call recording for incoming and outgoing calls. This can be automated or controlled manually.

phone system for small business

#7 Call Billing

Location based calling rates for international destinations by both service providers

For the Basic plan, calls to numbers in the USA and certain parts of Canada are included in the calling minutes provided. Once this limit is reached, calls are billed at $0.039 per minute. Calls to international destinations will be billed at country-specific rates.

For the Plus and Pro plans, free calls to the USA and Canada are unlimited. Calls to other international destinations will be billed at a per minute country-specific rate.

Unlike plans, all OpenPhone subscribers can make unlimited calls to numbers across the USA and Canada. Other calls are billed at per-minute rates. For example, calls to Australia are billed at $0.05 per minute while calls to Beijing are billed at $0.04 per minute.

#8 Activation

Easy to setup and OpenPhone solutions

Your account can be set up from the web browser or the desktop application. Once an account has been created, administrators can add and manage users from the dashboard. Browser extensions and mobile/ desktop applications are available to make and receive calls. In addition, offers a range of pre-provisioned, ready-to-use VoIP phones that you can order from the Control panel. You can also use your own device if it meets certain criteria.

phone system for small business

As with, OpenPhone accounts can be created online.

You can create an OpenPhone account online by using your existing email address. The admin dashboard can be used to set user roles and assign numbers. Once activated, agents can make and receive calls through a web browser extension, smartphone app or desktop app. desk phones cannot be used.

phone system for small business