Zoom Phone vs Ooma: Which one is the best for your business?

October 10, 2023
phone system for small business

Brace yourself for a clash: Zoom Phone vs. Ooma. Discover the ultimate phone system champion for your business. Let the duel commence!

From leading video conferencing to introducing Zoom Phone: the cloud-based communication solution accessible across 47 countries through 3 diverse plans. Tailored for global enterprises and remote teams, Zoom Phone empowers seamless voice/video calls, conferences, messaging, and more.

Emerging from the opposing corner, we have Ooma: Your total business communication package. Ooma features VoIP services, communication hardware, and structured monthly plans with international calling, voice-to-text options, and more. Dive into 50+ features, including call forwarding and virtual faxes.

Compare Zoom Phone and Ooma plans and features

How many users do you need?

Zoomphone Ooma
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Zoom Phone's annual plans or Ooma's slightly more expensive monthly subscriptions

Zoom Phone subscribers to the Metered pack enjoy unlimited internal calls in the USA and Canada and metered outbound calls for $10 per user per month. Key features of the plan are voicemail transcriptions, IVR menus, app integrations and call recording. For $15 per user per month, Zoom Phone subscribers can upgrade to the Unlimited pack. This lets you call any number in USA and Canada without extra billing. You can also include calls to 19 other countries by purchasing an add-on pack.
phone system for small business

Zoom Phone plans may work out to be cheaper but Ooma does not require an annual commitment. For $19.95 per month per user, businesses can subscribe to the Ooma Essentials plan. This plan gives them access to VoIP calling through local/ toll-free numbers and 50 standard features. It is ideal for small businesses wanting a cost-effective communication system. The Ooma Pro plan is priced at $24.95 per user per month. This subscription fee is inclusive of all the features of the Essentials plan as well as call recording, voicemail transcription, video conferencing and other features. Upgrading to the Ooma Pro+ plan will cost businesses $29.95 per user per month. This gives subscribers access to all the features of the Pro plan as well as call queueing, hot desking, integration to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other features.
phone system for small business

A step-by-step comparison between Zoom Phone and Ooma

To help you find what solution fits best your need between Zoom Phone and Ringcentral, we have conducted an unbiased comparison based on 8 criterias:
#1 Manage your office calls : How will you handle calls while at the office? Can you use computer-based calls or do you require an office phone?
#2 Manage your calls on the go: Does it offer a mobile app with VoIP calls? Do you need to set up call forwarding to your mobile device?
#3 Auto-attendant : Can you easily distribute calls to your team?
#4 Greetings Management : Can you set up company greetings on your own? How easy is it to create and manage announcements?
#5 Call Tracking : How easy is it to monitor your business calls?
#6 Call recording : Can you record and listen to calls?
#7 Call billing : How much does it cost to make and receive calls? Is everything included?
#8 Activation : How easy is it to activate a phone number and set up your phone system?
  • Manage Your Office Calls
  • Manage Your Calls On The Go
  • Auto-attendant
  • Greetings Management
  • Call Tracking
  • Call recording
  • Call billing
  • Activation

#1 Manage Your Office Calls

Stay connected with multi-device support for Zoom Phone and Ooma users

All Zoom Phone services can be accessed through a desk phone or desktop app.

phone system for small business

ZoomPhone scores against Ooma when it comes to accessibility. While all Ooma plan subscribers can use desk phones, only Pro and Pro+ users can also use a desktop app.

phone system for small business

#2 Manage Your Calls On The Go

Free Zoom Phone and Ooma apps for android and iOS devices

Subscribers can make and receive calls and access other Zoom Phone features through Android and iOS devices.

phone system for small business

ZoomPhone and Ooma offer similar out-of-office connectivity interfaces. Businesses can access VoIP services easily through the Ooma Android and iOS app.

phone system for small business

#3 Auto-attendant

Comparable call routing methods for Zoom Phone and Ooma users

Irrespective of the plan chosen, Zoom Phone routes incoming calls through auto attendants or IVR menus.

phone system for small business

Like ZoomPhone, calls to Ooma numbers are greeted with customized messages. Ooma plans include a multi-level virtual receptionist. They can then be routed to relevant extensions depending on keystroke responses.

phone system for small business

#4 Greetings Management

Customize caller greetings with both Zoom Phone and Ooma plans

If the greeting and hold music available in the Zoom Phone audio library are not enough, you can upload a customized message to strengthen your brand image. 1. Administrators can go to the Call Handling section on the Settings menu 2. Click on add audio to upload a recorded message. Alternatively choose a file from the audio library

phone system for small business

Like ZoomPhone, Ooma gives business subscribers the option of customizing welcome greetings. Step 1. Sign in to Ooma with admin access and go to Settings. Step 2. Set business hours schedule. Step 3. Upload a recorded greeting or text for the text to speech option.

phone system for small business

#5 Call Tracking

Easier live call monitoring with Zoom Phone

Call monitoring can be enabled for all Zoom Phone lines including common phones and shared line groups. Supervisors can listen to calls as they happen, whisper to agents, join conversations and take over calls.

phone system for small business

Unlike ZoomPhone, Ooma subscribers do not have the ability to listen to live conversations, whisper to agents during a conversation, join calls or take them over. However, whenever needed, they can initiate 3-way conversations between their agents, customers and themselves. They can listen to voicemails left by customers from their email inboxes and study call log reports on call duration, call history, etc. This includes reports on calls handled by individual agents and teams. These reports provide actionable insight into agent and team productivity. In addition to these features, Pro and Pro+ plan subscribers can also access voicemail transcriptions.

phone system for small business

#6 Call Recording

Call recording limited to upgraded Ooma plans but universally available for Zoom Phone users

Irrespective of whether calls are made or received from desktop or smartphone interfaces, all Zoom Phone calls can be monitored and recorded for quality control. This feature is disabled by default but can be enabled at any point of time. Supervisors can listen to live calls, speak to agents during a live call without the other person’s knowledge, join a call or take over calls. Calls can be monitored one at a time. Calls that cannot be monitored in real time can be recorded for later analysis.

phone system for small business

While ZoomPhone offers universal access to call recording, call recording is not included in the Ooma Essential plan but is available to Pro and Pro+ subscribers.

phone system for small business

#7 Call Billing

No international calling add on packs required for Zoom Phone users

Businesses subscribing to the Zoom Phone metered plan can make and receive unlimited internal calls but are billed on a per minute rate for outbound calls. Calls can be made to 150+ countries. Call rates are dependent not only on location but also the type of phone number being called. For example, calls to landline numbers in Australia are billed at a rate of $0.0443 per minute while calls to mobile phones are billed at $0.1820 per minute. Along with internal calling, calls to the USA and Canada are included in the Unlimited plan. This may also include calls to 19 other countries by purchasing an add-on pack. Calls to other numbers are billed according to use but at a rate lower than the Metered plan rates.

When it comes to domestic calling within the USA, Ooma's unlimited call feature gives it an advantage over ZoomPhone. If you do not want international calls billed at per-minute rates, subscribers can get an add on international calling pack. All Ooma plans are inclusive of unlimited calling within the USA.

#8 Activation

Easy account creation by Zoom Phone and Ooma

A Zoom Phone account can be created on the communication platform’s website. If you don't want to port your existing number, you can set it up with a new number. Once the account has been created, you can make and receive calls through Zoom Phone applications for desktop and mobile devices or IP desk phones. These desk phone devices are available on the Zoom Phone website.

phone system for small business

ZoomPhone and Ooma have similar account creation steps. Subscribers can port an existing business phone number or apply for a new one when setting up their Ooma accounts. Services can be accessed through analog phones, IP phones, chrome extensions for laptops and desktops or smartphone apps. Pro and Pro+ plan subscribers can also download and use a desktop app for MAC and Windows devices. In addition to their services, Ooma also offers a range of IP phones on the website.

phone system for small business
All prices indicated are before tax and all information has been taken from the websites of the companies concerned as of 10/10/2023

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